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Budgeting - Civility

Always an up-to-date mentor, Franklin’s insights fit right into the soundbites you see here. But why stop here? For a Niagara of wit and understanding in the wonderful words from Ben's own works, get to a search engine and try: Franklin + “Poor Richard.” You might add “1758” -- or just click here. The 1758 preface features some favorite sayings. ( Oh, parents, those "Poor Richard's" websites can get raucous.)
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see also DEBT & CREDIT.
The King's cheese is half wasted in parings: But no matter, 'tis made of the peoples milk. [1735]Tax wracks
If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the Philosopher’s-Stone. [1736]A financial Plato
Should accumulate dough.
There is much money given to be laught at, though the purchasers don’t know it; witness A’s fine horse, & B’s fine house. [1737]“Big sticker”
Earns snicker.
Buy what thou has no need of; and e'er long thou shalt sell thy
necessaries. [1738]
Bought spread,
Begs bread.
At a great Pennyworth, pause a while. [1739]Steep price?
Brake … twice!
If you'd be wealthy, think of saving, more than of getting: The Indies have not made Spain rich, because her Outgoes equal her Incomes. [1743]Income rains?
Thirsty drains.
Beware of little Expenses: a
small Leak will sink a great
Ship. [1745]
Don't waste nickels,
Life's blood trickles.
Patience in Market, is worth Pounds in a Year. [1753]Hot sale fool!
Shop when cool.
‘Tis easier to build two Chimneys, than maintain one in Fuel. [1757]Gizmo’s free,
But battery …
Frugality: Make no expense but to do good to others or yourself, i.e., waste nothing. [Virtue 5]Feed life's need,
Not waste's greed.
To be humble to Superiors is Duty, to Equals Courtesy, to Inferiors Nobleness. [1735]In each case use
Your P's and Q's?"
Joke went out, and brought home his fellow, and they two began a quarrel. [1741]Fun joked?
Fun poked.
If you'd be loved, make yourself amiable. [1744]To be liked,
Go unspiked.
Tart Words make no Friends:
a spoonful of honey will
catch more flies than a
Gallon of Vinegar. [1744]
Sweet and warm
Brings a swarm.
If you have no Honey in your Pot, have some in your Mouth. [1753]With shoulder chip,
You’re scanning … zip.

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