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Underrating - Vice

Always an up-to-date mentor, Franklin’s insights fit right into the soundbites you see here. But why stop here? For a Niagara of wit and understanding in the wonderful words from Ben's own works, get to a search engine and try: Franklin + “Poor Richard.” You might add “1758” -- or just click here. The 1758 preface features some favorite sayings. ( Oh, parents, those "Poor Richard's" websites can get raucous.)
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Underrating & Overrating
He is no clown that drives the plow, but he that doth clownish things. [1736]Is each worker
Just a jerk, sir?
When the Well's dry, we
know the Worth of Water. [1746]
No worth
Till dearth.
Children and Princes will quarrel for Trifles. [1752]Nations, girls, and boys
Struggle over toys.
Praise to the undeserving, is severe Satyr. [1752]Medals not due?
Heavy on you.
An honest Man will receive neither Money nor Praise that is not his Due. [1756]Take shady laurels?
Against my morals.
Sudden Pow'r is apt to be
insolent, Sudden Liberty
saucy; that behaves best
which has grown gradually. [1753]
Sudden gains?
Growing pains.
What maintains one Vice
would bring up two Children. [1747]
The price of one vice,
Could raise a child - twice.
Virtue may not always make
a Face handsome, but Vice
will certainly make it ugly. [1758]
When Life's debased,
Face gets defaced.

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