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The Complete Ben & Verse
Ben and Verse was originally published in 38 monthly parts. To celebrate the 300th anniversary of Ben Franklin's birth, we've published the entire series here.

On this website you'll find quotations from Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanac, each with an interpretation as a snappy modern verse 'jingle' (we're sure Ben, always a modernist, would approve!). The quotations are organised by subject - pick one from the list below and start your journey through the wit and wisdom of Ben!
Advice - Ancestry Anger - Anti-Social Bad Habits Bragging & Discretion
Budgeting - Civility Conscience - Death Debt - Diet Dirt - Doctors
Education - Faith Faith Faking & Sincerity Flattery - Gabbing
Giving - Gratitude Greed - Griping Health - History Judgement - Lawyers
Laziness - Leadership Learning - Love's Cures Luck - Luck & Sweat Marriage
Maturing - Memory Moderation - Nonsense Nostalgia - Passion Patience - Planning
Pleasures - Pride Privacy - Procrastination Promises - Revenge Satire - Self-Deception
Self-Destruction Self-Interest Serenity & Discontent Sleep
Stinginess - Success Temperance - Time Underrating - Vice Virtue & Corruption
Visiting - Warning Signs Wise Guys - Wishes
(Note that you can see the above list on any verse page by clicking 'Show subject index')
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